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Join Us in Empowering Our Young People

It's up to us. We stand together in creating more progressive and successful minority and disadvantaged communities. We are raising funds for Joueur's Leadership and Confidence programs to embark positive self image and self confidence in our young leaders. Your donation will make a meaningful impact in the lives of our youth and young adults, creating the futures we each hope for. 

 Thank you for standing with us!

We Need You.


Funding Goals

  1. Leadership Academy: $4,000

    • Curriculum development and implementation for empowering young leaders.

  2. Telehealth Services: $5,000

    • Launching mental health education services for underserved youth, promoting emotional well-being.

  3. Marketing and Outreach: $2,400

    • Creating awareness about our programs and initiatives to reach a wider audience.

  4. Training and Development: $2,000

    • Ongoing workshops for skill-building and personal growth: $Variable

  5. Materials and Supplies: $1,000

    • Providing necessary materials for workshops and events, including certificates and professional wear.

Your donations are tax-deductible, ensuring your support goes further in empowering underserved youth and fostering a brighter future. Thank you.

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