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About Joueur

Empowering our Future

Joueur (Jou-air) Confidence Foundation (JCF) is dedicated to empowering minority and underserved young adults (18-25) through confidence and leadership development, fostering more progressive and equitable communities. We recognize that success is synonymous with confidence, yet millions of youth in underserved communities are forced to wear their skin as a badge of inferiority, due to harmful stigmas that hinder their personal and career success. Only by eradicating these harmful stigmas, will we, as a society, pave the way for a future where every young leader can thrive in a more progressive and inclusive world, and Joueur has made that our mission. 


Our Mission

The primary mission of the Joueur Confidence Foundation is to empower underserved youth and young adults through comprehensive personal and leadership development programs. Our aim is to restructure the minority community for success. Through destigmatization, confidence building and leadership development, Joueur aims to empower underserved youth and young adults and create more progressive, equitable and inclusive communities. 

Meet The Team

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